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TenX Homefest

We hosted an extraordinary event, TenX Homefest, from 14th June to 30th June, showcasing our prestigious projects, Ten X Habitat and Ten X Era. This event was designed to welcome future homeowners with exceptional offers, including international trip, home furnishing, Zero SDR and much more thereby making it an irresistible opportunity for prospective buyers. The response to the Homefest was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in ~80 new bookings and over 1,000 walk-ins. The event saw a remarkable 165% increase in walk-ins, underscoring the excitement and interest it generated. This incredible turnout is a testament to the appeal of Raymond Realty’s offerings and the success of our tentastic event.

The homefest not only highlighted the unique features and benefits of Ten X Habitat and Ten X Era but also created a buzz in the real estate market. Attendees were treated to a memorable experience, with the chance to explore their future homes and unparalleled offers.

Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities from Raymond Realty as we continue to set new standards in the real estate market.