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At Raymond, we are forever grateful for our employees' commitment and hard work. We value their skills and knowledge and provide the necessary tools and mechanisms to help them develop further. We believe in celebrating life in all forms, whether on a special occasion or an ordinary day. To show our appreciation, we frequently join our crews in various activities, such as fitness and recreation, to build camaraderie and give them quality time with their loved ones. We are very proud of our human capital and always strive to acknowledge them for their efforts.

RLA (Raymond Leadership Academy)

RLA is a group-level initiative where potential leaders in different businesses are identified through a vigorous and transparent process of selection. The selected employees are then trained, mentored and prepared to shoulder leadership responsibilities as and when the opportunity is available.

RAFE (Raymond Award for Excellence)

This is an award programme held at the group level for all businesses of Raymond. It is a matter of pride that many of our employees have been selected to receive this coveted award in the last couple of years.


This is a corporate-level initiative for women's empowerment and gender equity. Raymond Realty is duly incorporated in the initiative and has been an active participant in all events and activities held under the initiative.


Jazbatein (Town Hall) has been formalized as a calendar event for each quarter of the year. It is an event where employees and the senior management jointly take stock of the state of affairs in the company, discuss the road map for the future and celebrate the achievements. The aim of the event is to drive “Junoon” in the organization towards the accomplishment of the vision and mission of the organization. Jazbatein is also utilized as a platform for the personality development of employees by providing opportunities for individual performance like direct dil se (Speak your heart out), emcee, trust stories, applause, what is in your mind etc.

SARR (Sports Association of Raymond REALTY)

Sports are essential for good health and fitness and a tool for building teamwork and many essential values/personality traits. Keeping this in view, a committee called the Sports Association of Raymond Realty (SARR) was constituted with members from cross-functional teams. The SARR is responsible for planning, conducting and issuing a calendar for sporting activities for the year.


Family Day called the ‘Rishtey’, is an annual feature in the Raymond Realty calendar. On this day, families of all the employees get together for a gala function full of fun and frolic, both for the children and the adults, along with a cultural extravaganza. It is like thanksgiving, an event to recognize the families whose support for the spouse, son/daughter working in the organization is so vital in keeping him in good stead.

POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

Awareness of the provisions of the POSH Act is not just a compliance issue alone but also essential to create a safe and congenial work environment in the organization. Keeping the above in view, all employees of the organization (both male and female) have been put through a POSH awareness programme under the stewardship of the renowned social activist Mrs Harshada Patil.


This is a much-awaited annual event for the employees. The event is not just about fun and frolic but also a platform for bonding and learning. The yearly outbound is meticulously planned and conducted as a theme-based event like the one already conducted for this year as ‘Summer Ko Bana Denge Awe ‘summer’.


As a Raymond Realty employee, you will work in an environment that supports independent thinking and welcomes novel ideas. You will experience two-fold learning, with hands-on training on live projects and regular on-site learning camps.

If you are one of the few chosen to work at Raymond Realty, rest assured that you are more than capable of delivering remarkable landmarks in line with the company’s repertoire.

Are you looking forward to a fulfilling career with challenges and growth opportunities?

Send in your applications to Realty.HR@Raymond.in