3 BHK Flat in Thane - Ten X Era


Thane – Pokhran Road 2
1 & 2 BHK

Ten X HABITAT is a thriving gated community which will elevate the benchmark of living standards. It is designed taking into account the principles of sustainability, modern architecture and contemporary design.

3 BHK Flat in Thane - Ten X Era


Thane – Next to Viviana Mall
2 & 3 BHK

TenX Era does a phenomenal job of setting the standard for the times to come with its mix of intelligent design, smart use of space and futuristic lifestyle. For the few who get to call it home, it tells the world more than just where they live. It tells them they live ahead of time. And miles ahead of everything that defines the good life.

 Luxury Flats in Thane - The Address by GS


Thane – Pokhran Road 2
3,4 ,5 & 6 BHK

The Address by GS. My ode to elevated living, exclusively for you. Take a moment as you scroll through everything of life worth living. Savour every second of life “like no other” and enjoy my signature lifestyle as the true connoisseur of class.

 Luxury Flats in Thane - The Address by GS- Tower C


Thane – Pokhran Road 1
3,4 ,5 & 6 BHK

The Address by GS Season 2, is a place of sophistication that you can call your own. Life here elevates your everyday into the realm of extraordinary. Live amidst posh neighbourhoods, high-end glitzy malls, reputed educational institutions, world-class healthcare. Inside, experience the quiet joys of an exquisite gated community life. Safe, secure with upwardly mobile socialites who match your aspirations. From the ground, podium or to the Clubhouse, you can design your lifestyle for unmatched contentment. Be pampered by recreational amenities that rival the best the city has to offer. Roman-inspired landscapes, a modern and exclusive clubhouse, experience elevated living at its best.

 Invictus by GS

Invictus by GS

3,4 ,5 & 6 BHK

An odyssey for a handful, Invictus by GS presents curated opulence. These super-premium residences invite ambitious visionaries to live limitless. Come, embrace a lifestyle of a different altitude and continue your relentless pursuit of excellence.

Raymond Realty, a trusted name in the real estate industry, offers luxurious flats in Thane, Maharashtra. These high-end residential properties not only provide an exceptional living experience but also offer an excellent investment opportunity. Raymond Realty sets a new benchmark for luxury living with their flats in Thane, providing residents with unmatched features and amenities

Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship: Raymond Realty’s flats in Thane epitomize luxury and sophistication, featuring innovative architecture, elegant interiors, and high-quality finishes. The attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship create a living space that exudes opulence and refinement.

Spacious and Well-Designed Layouts: The 3 BHK flats in Thane by Raymond Realty offer ample space and intelligent layouts, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality. Thoughtfully designed interiors optimize natural light and ventilation, creating a serene and welcoming ambiance.

World-Class Amenities: Raymond Realty offers state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, clubhouses, and dedicated parking spaces. These amenities cater to the needs of every resident, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

World-Class Amenities: Raymond Realty offers state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, clubhouses, and dedicated parking spaces. These amenities cater to the needs of every resident, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Appreciation Potential: Thane has been witnessing a steady rise in property values, making it an attractive market for real estate investment. Raymond Realty’s luxury flats in Thane have a track record of substantial appreciation, ensuring a profitable investment.

Prestigious Developer: Raymond Realty, known for its legacy of excellence and craftsmanship, is synonymous with quality construction and attention to detail. The brand’s reputation enhances the value and desirability of its residential offerings, making them a reliable investment option.

Prime Location: Raymond Realty’s flats in Thane are strategically located in one of the best locations – Pokhran Road which ensures excellent connectivity and proximity to key destinations. This advantageous location further contributes to the appreciation potential of the properties. Pokhran Road has great potential for High ROI for long term investments due to its evolving landscape.

Thane’s remarkable infrastructure development makes it an ideal city for real estate investment, and Raymond Realty’s luxury flats benefit from these advancements:

Transportation Networks: Thane boasts a well-developed transportation network, with easy access to major roadways such as the Eastern Express Highway and the Mumbai-Nashik Highway. Flats in Thane by Raymond Realty host seamless connectivity making life flow smoother

Metro Connectivity: The upcoming metro line in Thane will add to its transportation infrastructure, significantly reducing commute times and enhancing connectivity within the city. Raymond Realty’s flats will be well-connected to important commercial and residential hubs, adding value to the properties.

Social Infrastructure: Thane offers a plethora of social infrastructure amenities, including renowned educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and entertainment options. Residents of Raymond Realty’s luxury flats in Thane can enjoy a convenient lifestyle with access to all essential services and recreational activities in close proximity.

Thane stands out as an exceptional choice for living purposes due to its numerous advantages and promising prospects for future development. With its strategic location near Mumbai and excellent connectivity through road and rail networks, Thane offers the perfect blend of accessibility and tranquility. The city’s robust infrastructure, including well-planned residential areas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces, ensures a high standard of living for its residents. Moreover, Thane’s remarkable potential for future growth is evident through its booming real estate market, expanding industrial sector, and government initiatives aimed at enhancing the city’s overall development. As Thane continues to attract investments, nurture entrepreneurship, and promote sustainable urbanization, it becomes increasingly clear that this vibrant city holds immense opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. By choosing Thane as a place to call home, one can secure a promising future filled with a myriad of possibilities.


Raymond Realty offers a diverse range of flats in Thane, including contemporary spacious 2 BHK flats with 595 sq. ft. of carpet area, luxurious 3 BHK flats in Thane with 855 sq. ft. carpet area, 4 bhk with 1396 sq. ft of area, 5 bhk, and elegant 6 bhk flats are also available.

Raymond Realty’s flats are strategically located in prime areas of Thane, such a Pokhran Road offering easy access to essential amenities and excellent connectivity.

Raymond Realty’s flats in Thane come with a host of luxurious features and amenities, including landscaped gardens, state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, multi-purpose halls, children’s play areas, and round-the-clock security.

To obtain detailed information about the floor plans and layouts of flats in Thane by Raymond Realty, you can visit their official website or contact their sales team for personalized assistance.

Raymond Realty offers flats in Thane at a competitive price range tailored to meet various budget requirements. To get specific pricing details, it is recommended to contact their sales team directly.

Raymond Realty occasionally offers special promotional offers and discounts on their flats in Thane. It is advisable to stay updated with their official communications or contact their sales team for the latest offers.

Raymond Realty’s flats in Thane enjoy proximity to reputed schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment centres, restaurants, and recreational parks, ensuring a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle for residents.

Booking a flat in Thane with Raymond Realty is simple. You can visit their official website, fill out the inquiry form, or directly contact their sales team to initiate the booking process.

Yes, Raymond Realty has several ongoing and upcoming projects in Thane. To stay informed about their latest projects, you can regularly check their website or reach out to their sales team for updated information.

Yes, Raymond Realty places a strong emphasis on sustainability and incorporates eco-friendly practices in the construction and design of its flats in Thane. They strive to create environmentally conscious living spaces.

The expected timeline for the completion and possession of flats in Thane by Raymond Realty can vary depending on the specific project. For accurate information, it is recommended to consult their sales team.

Yes, Raymond Realty values customer satisfaction and offers comprehensive post-sales services and customer support to address any queries or concerns that buyers may have regarding their flats in Thane.

To schedule a site visit and personally explore the flats in Thane by Raymond Realty, you can contact their sales team and they will assist you in arranging a convenient visit.

Raymond Realty may provide customization options for the interior design of their flats in Thane, allowing buyers to personalize their living spaces. Specific customization options can be discussed with their sales team, considering project guidelines and feasibility.