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Luxury Residences: Look-Beyond the Home Buying Trends

  • By admin
  • December 5, 2022
  • 1 BHK Blog

Luxury today is not just about the rich owning a deluxe residence or luxurious estate with high-end interior design. It goes beyond investing in a luxurious 5bhk flat in posh localities and expensive services. The premise of luxury has evolved considerably over the past decade from being primarily associated with opulence and grandiosity to an understated elegance that is now characterised by high-end experiences, rareness, top-notch facilities, and out-of-the-world amenities. Thane, for one, has grown to be the fastest developing region in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. In terms of real estate investment, the home buyers’ perception of luxury living has segued. Here’s how:

Commercial hubs and work-life balance
Individuals, especially millennials, prefer buying homes on the outskirts of the city to live in spacious homes bought at an affordable price and to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast-moving culture of Mumbai.

With work-from-home taking over the business sector, individuals prefer the calm and peacefulness that they cannot find inside the city. They also prefer a walk-to-work concept of living, making them look for homes closer to commercial centres and business parks.

Luxury apartments in Thane offer much more than just good residential space to their residents. It offers an ocean of opportunities to homebuyers or investment seekers; from increasing employment to homes closer to commercial spaces to easy commuting, Thane offers everything just right to maintain the work-life balance.

Amenities and exclusivity
The perspicacious few seek exclusivity, personalised service, and designer facilities to stand out in a crowd and confidently reside in unique and compelling architectural marvels.

This desire for opulence has increased the demand for luxury flats in Thane with amenities such as concierge services, curated events, fine-dining activities, magnificent clubs, mental well-being zones, art and cultural programmes, spas, and other leisure offerings.

Whether you are looking for a small investment in a 3bhk in Thane or looking forward to moving in with your family in a 4bhk flat in Thane or even a 6bhk flat in Thane, Raymond Realty’s The Address by Gautam Singhania is the finest choice you will ever make. Located at Pokhran Road 2, this eminent establishment is a 52-storey twin tower offering 3, 4, 5 and 6 bhk opulent residences in Thane, coming with innovative recreational amenities such as an amphitheatre, outdoor cinema, yoga lawn, kids play lawn, art wall, jogging trail, stone garden, party lawn, pool deck, kids pool, library, dance/music room and much more.

Safety, security, entertainment, and education
To ensure the safety and security of the family, people these days prefer to invest in homes having high-end security CCTV within a gated community. Residential projects today are made to cater to the needs of residents as they provide 24/7 CCTV surveillance, trained security guards, firefighting systems, gated communities, and other services such as intercom facilities, etc.

People prefer living in an area that has hospitals, academic facilities, and entertainment nooks within a stone’s throw distance. Having a hospital nearby makes it easier to look after the elderly. The nightlife, shopping malls, theatres, clubs, cafes, and restaurants keep millennials and young adults entertained.Having educational institutions closer to home makes it easier for the kids to travel less and focus more on studies and extracurricular activities.

Investment perspective
Individuals prefer investing in properties with a greater rate of interest, an enhanced standard of living and uncompromised luxurious living.

Real estate investment today takes place based on space, amenities, rate of interest on investment, future prices, stock market rise or drop, convenience, commute, exclusivity, safety, privacy, etc.

While luxury has become more about convenient with spaces and gated communities offering A-class amenities, real estate investment is only seeing an incline.